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Indoor Season Details

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Rosters and Schedules

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4U Team Rosters
4U Schedule
6U Team Rosters
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8U Team Rosters
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10U Team Rosters
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12U Team Rosters
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15U Team Rosters
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18U Team Rosters
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Rules & Equipment

Rules & Equipment Soccer Ball

Indoor Rules

  • Players at all ages must be wearing shin pads which must be worn beneath their socks.
  • Players must have appropriate footwear (cleats are allowed for outdoor but actual cleat must be made of plastic and cannot be sharp.
    For indoor, shoes should be non-marking).
  • Players must have their team jerseys (provided by NZS) on in order to play.
  • All watches and jewellery should be removed prior to play. Earrings may be covered with tape if they cannot be removed.

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Soccer Ball